> > It seems odd that the GRDDL spec 
> > doesn't yield a GRDDL result, or is 
> > it just me?
> It is a little odd, but I haven't made it a priority. I hope 
> somebody gets around to it soon.

I wanted to take a crack at this; the resulting XSLT should be attached
to this email.  I would encourage anyone to toss out suggestions or
additional code.  Writing it raised a few (non-GRDDL spec-related)
issues that may be interesting to the working group members.

The script is more amusing when run on the editor's draft than on the
working draft.  One of its features is to parse the CVS log and provide
the version history in RDF, which obviously doesn't happen if the CVS
log isn't there.  It has two other main features: it gleans "basic"
information (title, editor, etc.) from the header, and it gleans
normative and informative references from the references section, which
might be of interest for coming up with a W3C topology of spec
cross-references.  A "W3C specification" microformat  or a more
data-oriented XML source document would provide even more gleanings.

I minted a temporary URI for a few vocabulary terms for describing some
of the above W3C-specific relationships; they are hopefully
self-explanatory.  I think it would be delicious if there existed a
common GRDDL transform for every W3C specification, and some custom
terms may be needed to describe these specifications well.

Gleaning the spec leads to some XML-level syntactic comments, as well.
The spec currently uses identifiers (@id) on headers, but I think the
identifiers should be on the section-level div elements instead.  Also,
I think the (currently two) classes of references should be contained in
their own @id-entified div elements.

Take care,

    John L. Clark


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