Re: New W3C GRDDL service

Le mercredi 29 août 2007 à 20:38 -0400, Harry Halpin a écrit :
>     Thanks so much! The service looks excellent - I'm impressed! I'd
> like to include a link to this in our W3C Press Release.  Is this
> officially W3C-supported and can we can announce it our press release?


>     I guess the other two missing pieces of the puzzle would be if the
> new HTML validator noticed GRDDL mark-up in input and put up a link to
> the GRDDL service and if one gave a GRDDL-enabled HTML or XML data to
> the RDF validator if it instead redirected to the GRDDL service. What
> does everyone think?

I think everyone is likely to find this a good idea, but finding someone
to implement it seems much more challenging :)


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