toward a javascript implementation of GRDDL: passes a few tests

I wrote my first non-trivial piece of javascript today.

It passes a handful of the GRDDL tests; i.e. the
ones that only use the GRDDL XML attribute from
section, like

It's about 100 lines of javascript on top of the tabulator
RDF parser, assuming firefox XSLT support and such.

raw notes as I developed it:

Source code:
changeset:   14:0800f2bcb2f3
date:        Fri Aug 10 15:51:58 2007 -0500

somewhat edited dev notes and such:

Still todo: handle rel="transformation" in XHTML,
and then do the recursive bits (namespaces, profiles).

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Friday, 10 August 2007 21:07:41 UTC