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RE: Sequester: Agencies will probably have to adjust their strategic goals and objectives!

From: Owen Ambur <Owen.Ambur@verizon.net>
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2013 16:46:44 -0400
To: "'Brand Niemann'" <bniemann@cox.net>
Cc: "'W3C public GLD WG WG'" <public-gld-wg@w3.org>, <Thad.Juszczak@us.gt.com>, "'Jay Fohs'" <Jay.Fohs@marklogic.com>
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Thanks for sharing this, Brand.  I see the slide you are referencing is #29
in Thad Juszczak's presentation.


Under GPRAMA, agencies are charged with publishing their updated strategic
plans by February of the year after the Presidential term begins.
http://xml.fido.gov/stratml/references/PL111-532StratML.htm#SEC2  So updates
would be expected anyway, regardless of the sequester.


However, one of the key points missing in Thad's presentation is that
agencies should do a better job of partnering with those who are pursuing
common &/or complementary objectives, both inside as well as outside of
government.  The failure to do so is a big part of the needless cost of
government - a problem the StratML standard can help to alleviate, by making
it easier for agencies as well as their external stakeholders (e.g.,
Congressional oversight committees) to identify potential overlaps and
needless redundancies.


When all of the agencies are complying with GPRAMA and publishing their
strategic and performance plans in machine-readable format, it will be
easier for GAO to compile its duplications report, spend less time on data
collection, and more on data analysis and higher-value-add activities.
http://xml.fido.gov/stratml/carmel/GAODupRptwStyle.xml  Other, external
stakeholders will also be empowered to participate in crowdsourcing the
process of making government as efficient and effective as possible -
particularly if and, hopefully, when State and local agencies and tax-exempt
organizations also begin publishing their strategic and performance plans
and reports in an open, standard, machine-readable format like StratML.  (It
seems to me that should be a requirement not only for Federal funding but
also for tax exemption.)


BTW, I'd have responded sooner but was in New Orleans picking up a
distinguished service award from AIIM for my work on the StratML standard.


Owen Ambur

Chair, AIIM StratML Committee

Co-Chair Emeritus, xml.gov <http://xml.fid.gov/>  CoP

Communications/Membership Director, FIRM <http://firmcouncil.org/index.htm> 

Former Project Manager, ET.gov

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Subject: Sequester: Agencies will probably have to adjust their strategic
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Owen and others, Please see: 


Dr. Brand Niemann

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