DCAT actions: catalog record definition, permanent identifier

I had two actions related to DCAT:

ACTION-98: Draft a proposal re ISSUE-14 (dcat:permanentIdentifier)

The proposal is to add a new property to dcat:Dataset, a subproperty of dcterms:identifier:

The dcat:permanentIdentifier property conveys a permanent, globally unique identifier for a dataset. When a DCAT description of a dataset is relocated, syndicated, or republished, the contents of the dcat:permanentIdentifier property MUST NOT change. In other words, the identifier pertains to any occurrence of this same dataset in any catalog, even where dataset descriptions may be exchanged between catalogs and the dataset IRI may change in the process.

The value of this property MUST be an absolute IRI. When the value is initially created, it MUST be done in such a way that uniqueness is ensured. Care SHOULD be taken that the IRI is in <a href="http://www.w3.org/TR/rdf11-concepts/#note-iris">normalized form</a>.

Note: RDF distinguishes between literals, IRIs and blank nodes as values. The value of this property is a literal, even though it syntactically MUST be an absolute IRI. This treatment ensures that various transformations that might be automatically applied to IRI values (such as abbreviation as relative IRIs) are not applied to the value of this property.

ACTION-97: Sketch text on ISSUE-11 (catalog records vs named graphs)

The proposal is to change some text in 4.2 Class: Catalog record

Current text:

In web-based catalogs, the URL of the catalog page should be used as URI for the catalog record if it is a permalink.

If named graphs are used, all RDF triples describing the catalog record, the dataset, and its distributions, should go into a graph named with the catalog record's URI.

Change to:

In web-based catalogs that provide an individual page for each dataset, the URL of that page can be used as the IRI of the catalog record if it is a permalink. This is specially appropriate if the page provides access to an RDF description of the dataset via content negotiation [[RFC2616]], embedded RDFa markup, or similar mechanisms.

If a catalog is represented as an RDF Dataset [[RDF11-Concepts]] with named graphs, then it is appropriate to place the description of each dataset (consisting of all RDF triples that mention the dcat:Dataset, dcat:CatalogRecord, and any of its dcat:Distributions) into a separate named graph. The name of that graph should be the IRI of the catalog record.]]

Received on Friday, 8 March 2013 10:05:33 UTC