Re: Reviewing open DCAT actions; action required from Bernadette, Phil, John, Sandro

On 31 Jan 2013, at 21:37, Sandro Hawke wrote:
> I would like to put something more informative as the HTML, but that's equally true for all W3C RDF namespaces, and it's not blocking anything I know of, so there's no need to call it out here.

LODE is an online tool that provides a quite decent HTML view for any vocabulary or ontology, for example:

Chris Gutteridge's Graphite Browser is more geeky, but also quite nice, and works for any RDF, not just vocabularies:

I'm not sure if these can play any role in overcoming the problem you describe.

> I've now marked them closed in the tracker.   Obviously we can re-open them if something else is needed.

Thanks Sandro!


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