Re: Minutes for W3C GLD WG telecon 24-Jan-2013

Dear all

Apologies for missing yesterday telecon's ... and for not sending my
regrets in advance.

Regarding the BP document, I was working with the BP document including
some comments from outside, e.g, Olaf, but I think it's time to try to
finalize this first version. We can make the rest of improvements later on

The current version is here [1].

Currently, there are some sections to review, so I would suggest the
following section and reviewers:
- Background - Bernadette
- Linked Open Data Lifecycle -  Boris & Solve the current issue (ISSUE-15)
- Vocabulary Selection - Boris/Ghis
- URI Construction - John ERickson/Boris
- 6. URI Policy for Persistence - Bernadette/John Erickson
- 8. Specifying an appropiate License - Bernadette
- 9. Security and hosting -  Michael Pendleton
- 10. Publishers "Social Contract" -  Bernadette
- 11. Pragmatic Provenance -  John Erickson
- 12. Versioning -  John Erickson
- 13. Stability -  Anne Washington (GMU), Ron Reck
- 14. Source Data -  Biplav

Reviewers would have one week to review their section, then we'll have
another week to fix the document. I'll be the one to be doing the whole
edition, and Bernadette can help me identifying possible minor issues. More
help is appreciated.
In summary after two weeks we should have a preliminary stable version of
the document, so we can publish as a FPWD ....
Then, we can continue with the weekly updates and improvements.

What do you think?




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