AW: Status update on GLD Community Directory & getting together by telecon/skype?


I just had a look at our community directory and I think it looks very nice, thanks mainly (I assume?) to Bernadette!

However, I just come upon the problem of showing colleagues a list of Linked Data deployments in the public sector.

I am wondering why the directory does not allow separate tables of  Deployments, Vendors, Contractors and End-User Applications.

As alternatives I have found so far:

* International Open Government Dataset Search -
* World Map of Open Government Data Initiatives -
* -
* Datasets PlanetData -

Do we want to compare with those or somehow embed them in the community directory?



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My apologies, I should have cc'd the GLD WG on this msg sent Wednesday.    If anyone is interested in joining the task force, we are looking to have a 30-60 min telecon on Friday 29-July at 10:00 US ET to iterate requirements for the prototype community directory[1]

This will be the first of several, so don't stress if you cannot make it on short notice.


Many thanks,
Bernadette Hyland

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Subject: Status update on GLD Community Directory & getting together by telecon/skype?

Thanks for iterating the Community Directory Discussion Summary.  I offered earlier this month to set up a Callimachus instance on the cloud and put up a prototype of the CD based on requirements you guys drove.  I've started that effort by rapidly creating the CD app using Callimachus based on requirements this Task Force creates.  To do are review some comments in the page (see below) and style it to look like a W3C app.  IF the WG agrees to the proposed approach/design, ideally it would look like it hangs off the W3C domain.

In the "information collected/displayed" section[1] I've updated with notes about how that requirement breaks down on a web form & the controlled vocabulary.  I've marked some things to iterate as "TO DO" for a discussion with the Task Force.

My comments are too detailed for the WG call on Thursday, but if you'd like to meet by Skype or telecon at another time, I could go over it with the 4 of us.

--> Please suggest some times before next week's WG call.  There is just 4 of us, so email shouldn't be too onerous to coordinate at date/time.  Friday's are pretty flexible for me.  I'm on US EST.

Note:  I'd prefer to avoid a protracted discussion around products/solutions on the WG call.   With 15+ technologists & ontologists on the phone, we'll go down a rabbit hole.  At the end of the day, a wiki would be an acceptable choice if I didn't know about Callimachus, but I do.   We are the a Linked Data WG, so we should be creating triples & showing why this matters & what you can do with it easily, right?

At the end of the day, it passes the stress test as long as it is:

1) FLOSS; and
2) Complies with the charter language "Hosting can be taken over by the W3C or some responsible party, either inside or outside of W3C, in compliance with Charter."

For transparency & full disclosure, 3 Round Stones is a sponsor of the Callimachus Project, in addition to other organizations, previously Talis and Cleveland Clinic.

My company agrees to host the directory & IF accepted by the WG, we'll support it (run on cloud, handle backups, etc).

Why you might ask?

Currently, a couple developers are extending the template driven semantic content management capabilities of Callimachus and the CD effort could help test these capabilities.

What is in it for the WG?

A community directory on Callimachus allows us to create triples up & down, use standard vocabularies (vCard, FOAF, Good Relations, VoID) and all data will be available as LOD.  So it is about as clean & open as anything I know of.

We're in the midst of trying out a new service provider (Amazon cloud, we've been using EC2) but haven't migrated yet.  I'll be able to give you a URL within a couple days.

Sorry for such a long explanation, I would have liked to have coordinated earlier this week, but here it is late the night before the Thursday telecon.




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