Re: ACTION-83 Get clarification from Maxx Deckers on what DC meant in what they specified

A small clarification ...

The proposal is to use the XML Schema datatype xml:language [3], not 



On 26/10/12 15:04, Phil Archer wrote:
> Hi Makx,
> Firstly an apology that your name has been so comprehensively misspelt -
> but then it is foreign ;-)
> Yesterday's GLD WG meeting focussed on DCAT, the next draft of which is
> due to be released soon [1], possibly at Last Call. An issue that I know
> is one you care about came up yesterday and my action item was to seek
> your input.
> The range of dcterms:language is clearly stated as
> dcterms:LinguisticSystem - a class. However... its use is far from
> consistent as a quick query shows [2]. The proposal put to the WG is
> that when used with DCAT, the value of dcterms:language should be a
> string, datatyped using xml:lang, e.g. "en"^^xml:lang
> That's a datatyped string, not a class. That's data, not an object.
> That's inconsistent. We know.
> But... given the widespread misuse of dcterms:language, the group
> wondered whether this was as serious or minor crime.
> Can you recall the discussion around the range of dcterms:language? Was
> there any ambiguity about the intent? Arguments for it having a range of
> literal?
> Any insights you can offer via this public list or privately via me if
> you prefer, would be gratefully received.
> Thank you.
> Phil.
> [1]
> [2]

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