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On 25 Oct 2012, at 08:52, Dave Reynolds wrote:
>>>> 37. It seems there is a relationship between rov:registeredAddress and org:hasRegisteredSite/org:siteAddress that should be documented.
>>> No. ORG uses vCard. That's fine in some circumstances but vCard is not INSPIRE conformant. Again, this relates to the LOCADD CG which is currently being held up by a bit of EC bureaucracy. We will need a registeredAddress property to link to an INSPIRE-conformant address class soon.
>> Okay. Maybe this is a shared issue that should be filed against both specs then? It would be unfortunate if ORG requires one encoding for the address, and RegOrg requires an incompatible second one.
> Definitely should be on the ISSUES list.

I've raised ISSUE-45 for this.


> I don't believe that "INSPIRE compatibility" (with its European focus) should be a requirement for a W3C spec, though I understand why it is for ISA.
> Among our options are:
> (1) To find a way to encode INSPIRE conformant addresses within vCard.
> (2) Have RegOrg use org:hasRegisteredSite and then have it or some other (possibly non-GLD) vocabulary provide a non-vcard means to express addresses of a site. Using a resource to identify a site, independent of the particular serialization conventions for its address, seems to me like a good thing (not that I'm biased or anything :)) and may be something that RegOrg could adopt. There's nothing to stop an org:Site having other expressions of address information.
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