RegOrg update + co-editor

Dear all,

Following the resolution of the name, I have updated the draft spec and 
RDF schema for the Registered Organization Ontology [1].

Even better news, I'm delighted that Agis Papantoniou of NTUA, who 
joined us recently as an IE, has also agreed to co-edit this spec. I 
asked Agis based on the work he's told us about at NTUA on which is using RegOrg I believe (it will now whatever 
;-) )

I've added a new section that makes the relationship with ORG explicit.

It refers to ADMS for some of its datatypes, notably adms:Identifier. 
I've actually amended the latter [2]. The UN/CEFACT complex type on 
which adms:Identifier is based has separate fields for the actual 
identifier string and its type. I've tightened up the definition to make 
it clear that the type should be provided as a datatype on the 
skos:notation value. This keeps the SPARQL query that derives the 
org:identifier as simple as it is. Earlier on today I was playing with 
SPARQL queries that included STRDT() functions to append the value of a 
dcterms:type property as the datatype for a skos:notation property and 
it was just horrible. :-(

The change in name also made it seem better the rename what was 
originally the legalIdentifer property to rov:registration.

Taking on board the comments received about ADMS I have included RDF 
encodings throughout.

If folk have time to review this actually very short vocab spec, I would 
be very grateful. There is a team in Brussels actively promoting it and 
ORG so if the WG agrees, then its publication as an FPWD would be very 
welcome. Also, Peter Krantz [3] is busy implementing it in Sweden (and 
screaming at me to get the schema in place!)

Thank you




Phil Archer
W3C eGovernment
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Received on Monday, 22 October 2012 16:50:11 UTC