Re: Vocabulary conformance template

OK, let me go back to that proposal.

Yes, I see the value in saying that specifically a data catalogue that 
conforms if certain conditions are met.

A data catalog conforms to DCAT if:

* It is organized into [[datasets]] and [[distributions]].


* An [[RDF description]] of the catalog itself and its datasets and 
distributions is available (but the choice of RDF syntaxes, access 
protocols, and access policies is not mandated by this specification).


* The contents of all metadata fields that are held in the catalog, and 
that contain data about the catalog itself and its dataset and 
distributions, are included in this RDF description, expressed using the 
appropriate classes and properties from DCAT, except where no such class 
or property exists.

This is rather wordy and I think it can be clarified and split in two:

* The metadata concerning the catalog, its datasets and distributions is 
expressed using the appropriate classes and properties from DCAT.

* terms from other vocabularies are not used *instead* of ones defined 
in DCAT that could reasonably be used (use of such terms in *addition* 
to DCAT terms is permissible).

Incidentally, if I misunderstood your meaning in the original then I 
offer that as evidence that it needs clarification ;-)

Back to your original

* All classes and properties defined in DCAT are used in a way 
consistent with the semantics declared in this specification.


DCAT-compliant catalogs MAY include additional non-DCAT metadata fields 
and additional RDF data in the catalog's RDF description.


Not necessary as we've covered that in the earlier clarification.

+1 from here on.

A *DCAT profile* is a specification for data catalogs that adds 
additional constraints to DCAT. A data catalog that conforms to the 
profile also conforms to DCAT. Additional constraints in a profile MAY 

* A minimum set of required metadata fields
* Classes and properties for additional metadata fields not covered in DCAT
* Controlled vocabularies or URI sets as acceptable values for properties
* Requirements for specific access mechanisms (RDF syntaxes, protocols) 
to the catalog's RDF description

On 12/10/2012 09:46, Richard Cyganiak wrote:
> On 11 Oct 2012, at 14:51, Phil Archer wrote:
>> Having done that, how would you and Richard feel about resolving that all GLD vocabs will use this conformance template?
> The key thing to me is that all vocabularies have a reasonable conformance section. I think it's a good idea if they follow the template at least in spirit. Whether they follow it in words isn't important to me. It's a template. Individual vocabularies will deviate from it in various ways.
>> Any objection to using it for DCAT, Richard?
> I proposed a conformance section for DCAT here:
> It has a couple of points not contained in the template that I think are important.
> Best,
> Richard


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