Re: issues related to DCAT

Dear Richard,
Thanks for your valuable feedback.
> DCAT is going to be a W3C Rec, while VoID is only an IG Note. A Rec shouldn't depend on a Note, if possible.

OK. So we should remove the link in section 7.11 of the DCAT doc that 
point to section 2.4 of VoID?!
> It seems more appropriate that the WG formulates a position on the issue (in email or wiki page), and pass that on to the VoID editors, so that the VoID editors can include a section addressing the issue in a future revision of the spec. (Such a revision is likely to happen in 2013.)

Also, I have some minors questions/suggestions I've found in the document:
   - Section "Vocab overview":
     # we say "DCAT defines three main classes... And after we say 
"Another *important* class in DCAT is dcat:CatalogRecord... and later on 
"The use of the CatalogRecord is considered *optional*. Could we just 
say *DCAT defines four classes* ?
     # We say "DCAT is an RDF vocabulary well-suited to representing 
government data catalogs such as and". I would 
rather prefer omitting naming and, and leave the 
statement general enough. However, if it is because 
/ has implemented DCAT in their dataset, why not using some 
of their implementation in the examples, like here for 
the ORG vocab?

   - For naming the properties or classes on the html doc, do we use the 
id (e.g: catalogRecord) or just the rdfs:label? I suggest to be 
consistent with the ORG description.
   - Re subsection "Encoding of property values", seems confusing in the 
"Vocab Overview". Could we use the same suggestion as Richard proposed 
for the "Modelling style" in the ORG vocab?
   - In sections 7.15, do we choose one of term, term or category? 
Having theme/category is not confusing?
   - Section 7.16: The same as above for keyword or tag.
   - Section 13.  I don't really understand the last two points. It 
seems to me to be contradictory. Maybe it is my level of the Shakespeare 
language that has to be improved, :-)



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