Re: Comments on ORG ED

Hi all,
Thanks Richard for this GREAT review. While reading some of the points, 
I suggest to use some of your guidelines in the BP document.
> 18. "Note on style": Rename to something like "Note on modelling style"; the current title suggests it's about typographic conventions in the document

This section could be moved to the BP Doc, with a pointer to the ORG 

> 21. General remark: The discussions of modelling alternatives, and when each alternative is more appropriate, and the use of SPARQL Construct to document equivalences between alternatives, are*great*.
The same idea as in #18 above, regarding sections 5 and 6 of the current 
version of the document.

Also I found two small typos:
  - In the abstract section, "organzations" instead of *organizations*
  - The property "org:originalOrganzation" instead of 
*org:originalOrganization* in section #11.1.2.

In the section "Example", it is said: "This example provides a quick 
overview of how dcat might be used to an organization". Is it *dcat* ? 
or there will be a link also to the dcat vocab?



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