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Hi all,


Thanks to Phil for the quick introduction.


I've been following you're the work of the GLD group for a while and am
happy to contribute as a member.


As Phil says, I have been involved with metadata for a long time,
basically all my professional career. I started out as a programmer for
library automation systems, building an application for descriptions of
authors that could be referenced from bibliographic records (long before
URIs were invented), then helped build distributed services between
libraries and library cooperatives (academic libraries in the
Netherlands, international links to OCLC, RLG, British Library, Library
of Congress, National Libraries in France and Germany) and was involved
in the specification and early implementation of Z39.50.


I worked for the European Commission in Luxemburg in the late nineties,
supporting the Programme Telematics for Libraries, before my move to the
Dublin Core Metadata Initiative where I was the managing director from
2001 to 2011. In that period I was also involved in various activities
in eGovernment for the European Commission, the European Committee for
Standardization CEN, and government programmes in Denmark and the


Since mid-2011, I have been involved with the European Commission's ISA
programme, working with PwC Belgium and W3C on Action 1.1 (Improving
semantic interoperability in European eGovernment systems). I was the
editor of ADMS which was developed by a working group with 54 members
including representatives of many EU Member States and several invited
experts. (A list of the working group members is in the resulting ADMS
specification that can be downloaded from 


I am also very much interested in the other work of the GLD group, DCAT,
DataCube, organisations and people (the last one feels like going back
to where I started) and hope to be able to contribute my two eurocents
to the work of the group. 











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> Bernadette, George, everyone


> Can I introduce you to our new IE, Makx Dekkers who I hope will be

> joining us on the call later.


> As you'll have seen from his recent contributions to the discussion

> around the value of dcterms:language, he comes with a huge weight of

> experience having run DCMI for many years and been involved in

> metadata

> and more for, well, a long time ;-)


> I've been working with him for more than a year on the ISA Programme

> work where he was chair and editor of the original ADMS spec. Although

> not confirmed formally, it seems very likely that his next ISA

> Programme

> project will be defining a DCAT application profile for use in the EU

> data portal and elsewhere.


> Cheers


> Phil.




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