Stability and suggested GLD best practices structure

Ron Reck and I have been working on the Stability section over the last 
few months. The current draft was moved to a new page today [1]

Within our large group (ahem) of two, it was easier to combine our 
thoughts into a single document with one voice. We offer these headings 
(Definitions, Goals, Properties, Examples, Interconnections, References) 
to other communities of practice as a suggested structure. The intent in 
offering this structure is to begin to develop commonality between the 
best practices efforts so we can move towards building a single document. 
A template of sorts is on the page we had originally intended to move our 
writing.  Very open to adjustments and alternatives.

I feel we are in a strong Beta phase for our section.
Look forward to seeing everyone at the F2F and discussing stability!

Anne L. Washington, PhD
Standards work - W3C -
Academic work - George Mason University


Received on Wednesday, 25 January 2012 00:22:01 UTC