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I said I'd figure out some name problems we were having with the

The problem with Mike Pendleton was that he's in the system as "Michael
Pendleton".     The names and nicknames can be seen and added on the
"Users" tab of tracker:

I added "mikep" and "Mike_Pendleton" as nicknames.   I wasn't sure if it
was time yet to just call him "Mike".   We had some other Mikes
interested, but I guess at this point we just have him and Hausenblas,
who I understand prefers "Michael".    So we can just put those in as
the nicknames for each of them.

Unfortunately, this inferface is append-only.  Deleting a nickname
requires help from the systems team.  (sigh.)   Otherwise I would just
add those nicknames to try it.   Anyway, the changes I made were enough
to get the minutes to be pretty decent.

For Luis, the problem was his IRC name was spelled wrong.  It was Luis
Bemudez, but according to our records his last name is "Bermudez".  I
fixed this by doing a global search and replace on the chatlog.

     -- Sandro (who is never sure how much to apologize for software
insufficiencies, but is acutely aware of them, at least.)

Received on Thursday, 12 January 2012 20:46:46 UTC