Re: ISSUE-7 (whyAccessUrl): Drop dcat:accessUrl, use the URI of the dcat:Download resource instead [DCAT]

On 10 Feb 2012, at 14:07, Sarven Capadisli wrote:
> In any case, I think it is important to distinguish the following cases for the record:
> a) Data accessible only by interacting with the web application e.g., it may require a login, sessions, or XHR.
> b) Direct accessible links i.e., data can be retrieved independently with an HTTP request.
> For (a), I think we are slightly out of luck. Since the dcat:Distribution class caters to any distribution type (including the HTML page for the downloads), the following would satisfy the very last stop to access the data:
> ex:dataset1
>    a dcat:Dataset ;
>    dcat:distribution <> .

A common use case is that someone is looking for data on a certain topic in CSV or Excel format, and they don't mind if they have to click through a download page or form to get to the data. Many catalogs are organised to support this use case. example:

The catalog knows that this is in CSV format, but you actually have to do several clicks before you get to the actual data (which is a zipfile with a CSV inside). So the URL in the catalog ( is *not* in CSV format, but the dataset *is* distributed in CSV format.

I think it's important that DCAT can represent this situation, including the fact that CSV is available.

The current design meets that requirement; with your proposal it no longer works.


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