Re: ISSUE-27 (format): URIs for file formats [DCAT]

On 09/02/12 17:10, Phil Archer wrote:
> You are correct, Sarven, thank you. I have closed Issue-27.
> Right, now... how are we going to close Issue-12 ? :-)

One possibility *might* be to consider Pronom from The National Archive.

Pronom [1] is an online registry of technical information about file 
formats, intended to support long term access to digital resources.

There is a proposed vocabulary for rendering it as RDF [2] plus an 
experimental RDF version with SPARQL endpoint and Linked Data API, see 
[3]. The URIs themselves are not currently live (other than via the test 
LDA endpoint).

You could use pronom:file-format as the range without any commitment to 
using the pronom instance URIs.

If the pronom vocabulary meets the technical need but doesn't meet the 
requirements for stability then maybe the GLD could adopt it :)

I could enquire about the status of the Pronom linked data work if that 
would be useful.



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