AW: How to represent geographic coordinates for maps

Hi Konrad,

> To question 3: First, I think that depending on the projection and scale, a
> rectangle on a map is not/only nearly representable by a rectangle in
> geocoordinates.

Hmmm, so what would you propose to do?

> Furthermore, the representation you chose (""W 13' - E 49' / N 45°58' - N
> 45°33'""") is not very easily machine-readable because you code a rectangle
> into a single literal and also use a coordinate notation that needs additional
> parsing.

Yes, the example probably was not very well chosen. Internally, all four points in the literal are stored separately, so it should be no problem to publish them in a more machine-understandable fashion.

> Maybe polygons like the ones used in LinkedGeoData would be helpful?

From the point of view of the geosemweb community: How would you prefer to have this data represented?



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