RE: Geofencing Proposals

Please note the proposed Sept. 12 deadline for geofencing proposals.  I'll also note that any proposals do not have to be finalized.  This deadline is mainly to allow for TPAC agenda planning.


From: Mandyam, Giridhar []
Sent: Friday, August 29, 2014 1:11 PM
Subject: Geofencing Proposals

TPAC is coming up, and we should spend part of our time there discussing geofencing.  In order for group participants to be prepared, I'd like to invite  any interested persons to put their geofencing proposals to the list before September 12.

The Blink/Chrome team posted a proposal

Also, Qualcomm put forward a proposal during the breakout sessions at last year's TPAC:  {Note:  please ignore Sec. 8 as it deals with indoor location extensions that are currently not in scope}

Look forward to seeing more proposals.


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