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[User Context] GeoLoc missing API for user justification in prompts

From: James Craig <jcraig@apple.com>
Date: Thu, 29 May 2014 16:31:59 -0700
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To: public-geolocation@w3.org, Indie UI <public-indie-ui@w3.org>
Giri dropped off the call before this topic came up this morning, but the GeoLocation API is missing a way for web apps to explain to the user *why* they need access to the user's location. It's not always obvious why a blog, news, or conference site wants to use my location. I deny these immediately, even though I may have allowed some had I known the intended use. 

We were faced with a similar problem for the IndieUI User Context spec. When the user is prompted to share certain settings with the requesting site, justification may be warranted. We've written up a draft explaining how this could work, and thought the GeoLoc WG may be interested in using something similar.

Indie UI User Context Privacy Model

See the relevant Section 4.3.1 Example "Prompt with Justification" Dialog. Current thinking is that this justification string be defined with a meta element in the document head. For example:

<meta name="userMediaSettings" content="Example Site uses your media settings to automatically enable captions or subtitles in your preferred language."> (Note: This can be done automatically if you use a native HTML5 video player, but many sites including Youtube still use Flash for video. Captions are just one example; there are others that can't be accounted for automatically.)

The GeoLocation WG could use a similar approach:

<meta name="geolocation" content="Example Site uses your location to connect you with nearby users."> (Allow)
<meta name="geolocation" content="Example Site wants to serve you targeted ads."> (Deny)

Please send any IndieUI ED feedback to public-pfwg@lists.w3.org. We're planning to publish a FPWD in June or July.

James Craig

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