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[wbs] response to 'Call for Review: Geolocation API Specification is W3C Proposed Recommendation'

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Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 18:15:02 +0000
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The following answers have been successfully submitted to 'Call for Review:
Geolocation API Specification is W3C Proposed Recommendation' (Advisory
Committee) for INNOVIMAX by Mohamed ZERGAOUI.

Regarding the "Geolocation API Specification" specification, the reviewer 
suggests changes, and only supports publication as a Recommendation if the
changes are adopted [Formal Objection].

Additional comments about the specification:
   == Positionning system ==
GPS is mentionned a various position in the Spec. But what about
compatibility with GLONASS, Compass, Galileo, etc.

== References ==
[BrowsingContext] and [Navigator] are both pointing to HTML5 normatively
but to two different link. Those link should be the same.

The link to [GearsLOC] points to nothing (content has been removed by

LocationAware website is in Japanese : it should either says it or provide
an english counterpart

WebIDL is normative reference to a Candidate Recommendation. So this spec
should be move to REC *after* the WebIDL and should be updated accordingly

The reviewer's organization:
   - produces products addressed by this specification
   - expects to use products conforming to this specification.

Answers to this questionnaire can be set and changed at
https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/33280/geoapi/ until 2012-06-10.


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