Re: spec issue tracker

Andrei Popescu <>, 2008-11-27 10:20 +0000:

> So far I have pinged the list every time I did an update. I'll look at
> using the w3c's bugzilla's system and report back.

I seem to remember somebody asking me quite a while back (before
the group was actually chartered) about setting up a Geolocation
"product" in our Bugzilla. Anyway, looking at it today, I see it's
there now, so I guess I must have gone ahead and set it up at that

If you want to use it, the URL for entering a new bug is here:

You'll first need to have an account set up; you can create one here:

Note that you can set up a W3C bugzilla account even if you're not
a W3C member or don't have a W3C Web/user account.


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