Re: Moving the Geolocation API to First Public Working Draft


On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 3:24 PM, Lars Erik Bolstad <> wrote:
> Let's aim for Tuesday or Wednesday next week for the publication of the
> first working draft, once we've had the phone conference with the GEOPRIV
> representatives.
> We're trying to get that set up for Monday.
> For the first working draft, we need to add some wording to the "Security
> and privacy considerations" stating that these issues are still being
> discussed, and that the spec could potentially change in later versions. Red
> boxing, red letters, with a link to the ongoing discussion on the public
> mailing list.


> We should also add some similar statement to the spec for reverse geocoding,
> which is also a current topic of discussion and something that could
> potentially be added to the spec at some later point. If you could put some
> wording into the spec to this effect that would be great.


Please have a look:

> Thanks,
> Lars Erik

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