Position Heading Questions?

Hello --

The Position object has a heading field. It is described as: "The  
heading attribute denotes the direction of the hosting device". Is  
this the heading of the vector of travel while moving, or the  
direction the user is currently facing, no matter the direction of  
travel? The context of the following field, speed, seems to indicate  
that this is the heading of the direction of travel.

However, I can see the use for a 'which way is the device oriented'  
compass-style heading, as well as the direction you're traveling in.  
One can be facing backwards to the direction of travel! :)

What do you think? I think having both fields is fun, but I'm not sure  
what heading has to do with a location specification if I was going to  
be really picky about it. :) No matter what, I think the Position  
object's heading description needs to be clarified. I'd also like both  
types of headings to be available, both with the "If the  
implementation cannot provide speed information, the value of this  
attribute must be null." wording.

-- Greg

Received on Saturday, 15 November 2008 21:47:15 UTC