[summary] Web Games CG call - 15 April 2021

Hi Web games fans,

Thank you to everyone who joined last Web Games CG call.

🧐 The full minutes are available here 

The group discussed the following topics:
Anthony Bowker from Unity gave a presentation about Unity's current 
HTML5 efforts, mentioning:
How to generate a web-based version of Dragon Crashers that can be 
embedded in a canvas element
The compilation workflow that runs under the hoods, and the IL2CPP 
toolchain in particular
The roadmap for web features, including focus on smaller download size 
and memory usage to target mobile devices, and integration with sensors
Project Tiny, powered by DOTS, which offers a lower footprint 
alternative to the HTML5 export
Bernard Aboba from Microsoft, Paul Adenot from Mozilla, Chris Cunningham 
from Google presented WebCodecs.
What the specification enables in terms of precise control over decoded 
audio and/or video frames
Two main envisioned use cases for games: progressive decoding and 
zero-copy transfer of decoded audio data
For audio, WebCodecs provides a memory-footprint-friendly and 
lower-level approach to decodeAudioData. WebCodecs does not handle 
demuxing but community-maintained demuxers in JS/WASM are envisioned.
Andrzej Mazur from Enclave Games shared news about the Gamedev.js survey 
and jam
Survey got >400 responses from 72 countries.
Main takeaways: 40% of responses from solo developers. 22% haven't 
released any Web game yet. 58% checked the "earn less than $1k per year" 
box, but positive responses for the happiness question overall!
Jam session started 2 years before the call, with web Monetization and 
decentralized as main categories
The Media Working Group welcomes feedback on WebCodecs regarding 
suitability and specific needs in web game on the WebCodecs repo 
📹 Presentations were recorded and will soon be published online. I'll 
send a follow-up message when they are available. 📹

The group also discussed the organization of "workshops" during 
interleaving bi-monthly calls, for CG participants to brainstorm on a 
specific topic related to web games. We'll give it a try with a first 
workshop on 11 May at 8am UTC. Please save the date, more on that soon!


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