Re: Gaming on the Web - breakout session at TPAC

Hi François,

Not at TPAC either, but still interested with this topic. However, unlike
others, I'm not really interested in most advanced technologies you

I developed a game using SVG and SMIL a few years ago (
), and despite not maintaining it the last few years, I still plan to do so
in the future.

Unfortunately, SMIL has been deprecated in Chrome, and will never come in
Edge, so I have to find another solution, but Web Animations don't seem to
be ready.

When reading alsmost any source about Web based games, I used to see only
Canvas based solutions, and now WebAssembly and others you mention, but
"low tech" games made with plain old HTML or SVG (great for responsive UI)
don't seem to get any attention, which I find really sad.

I'm not sure this message will help anything, but at least I express my
concern… ;-)


Le lun. 15 oct. 2018 à 15:27, Francois Daoust <> a écrit :

> Hello Games Community Group participants,
> This Community Group was created end of 2011, following a workshop on
> games organized along the onGameStart conference:
> The group was active in 2012, and then went back to dormant mode. Many
> things happened on the Web in the meantime, including the development of
> new technologies that bridge the performance gap with native, such as
> WebAssembly, WebXR, WebGPU, or WebRTC. I prepared a roadmap for Games on
> the Web that lists these technologies and others relevant for the
> development of games on the Web:
> I'm wondering whether now would be a good time to restart some sort of
> activity around gaming on the Web, perhaps taking the form of another
> workshop on the topic. To gauge interest among W3C members, I proposed a
> breakout session on Gaming on the Web on Wednesday next week at TPAC:
> I thought I'd mention it here in case some of you were planning to attend
> Thanks,
> Francois

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