Re: Draft March 2012 Games CG Summit Report

I've added some info on the Opera status. I've attached bug numbers even  
though we don't have a public BTS. It'll be good to keep them there for me  
to quickly check on their status at coming meetings.


On Fri, 16 Mar 2012 15:50:44 +0100, Vincent Scheib <>  

> Chrome team has added notes and updates to the doc.
> On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 12:20 AM, Boaz Sender <> wrote:
>> Hi Games community Group!
>> It was great to see those of you that made it out to our summit at GDC
>> last weekend. For those of you that didn't, I hope to see you at future
>> Games CG summits!
>> I have written a draft a report on our discussion at GDC last week. I  
>> have
>> shared it with this mail list in a google doc. Please email me if you  
>> did
>> not get access to the google doc, or if you would like me to share it  
>> with
>> an additional google apps account.
>> I have authorized everyone as read/comment only so I can staty on top of
>> this doc. Please (right click to) comment on this document with any
>> feedback, additions or updates.
>> As a heads up, I added two new features to the report that we did not
>> discuss:
>>    - Battery information
>>    - Bandwidth information
>> Thank you Vincent Scheib, for thinking of these two features and adding
>> them to our etherpad!
>> *TODO*
>> *Everyone*:
>> If you can, please help by commenting on use cases, action items, and
>> statuses for each feature in the document.
>> Once we finish the report, you can also help by following up on any of  
>> the
>> listed action items and reporting back to the group on your progress.
>> Please hold off on executing action items in the name of the W3C Games  
>> CG
>> until we get some harmony on this report.
>> *Marie-Claire Forgue*:
>> If you can, please focus on commenting on the W3C Working Groups for  
>> each
>> of the features under the "*New Games CG features*" in this document.
>> Comments on features with "Unkown" W3C Working Groups will be will be
>> especially helpful.
>> If you know of any Working Groups already specifying the relevant  
>> feature
>> or i you have a recommended WG for an orphan feature, please let us  
>> know in
>> a comment. If no working group exists that would be appropriate for a  
>> given
>> feature please say so and we will lobby for one!
>> Philippe Le Hégaret, Michael Smith and Doug Schepers, if you can,
>> please also focus on this!
>> *Erik Möller**, **Dan Mosedale, **Vincent Scheib*:
>> If you can, please focus on commenting on the statuses for each feature
>> under the "*Existing Games CG Feature status overview*" section of the
>> draft report with an update of your browser's movement. Updates on  
>> "unkown"
>> statuses are especially important.
>> Luz Caballero, Charles McCathieNevile, Bobby Richter, Rob Hawkes, Alan
>> Kligman, Scott Graham and Lilli Thompson, if you can, please also focus  
>> on
>> this!
>> *The Wiki*
>> At the summit, we agreed to move feature tracking into an ongoing  
>> activity
>> on a wiki (as opposed to just a summit activity).
>> We have an existing wiki provided by the W3C Community Group
>> infrastructure which I have updated:
>> I have added a full list of features we are tracking to the wiki:
>> I have held off on adding use-case/status/action-item information to  
>> each
>> feature until we finish the March 2012 GDC Summit report.
>> Yours in Open Web games,
>> --
>> Boaz

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