Re: HTML5 was: Scope Proposal

Yeah, definitely beyond what we should do.

But, we should figure out if there are any standard interfaces the UA
should expose to make these kind of high level scripting languages
possible, and push those.

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On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 8:24 AM, Gerd Wagner <> wrote:

>  the underlying concern expressed is whether the members of this
> community are solely interested in HTML5 as a gaming platform,
> or wether there is a quorum interested in conceiving and developing a
> web gaming language to which HTML5 is merely a stepping stone.
>  (I don't think it is a terrible idea to look at a more ambitious project
> of creating a games language, I just think it is beyon the scope of this
> group and beyond our area of current interest or priority).
> I agree on that too, sounds way out of scope for this group.
> I also think that this would require another group and it would probably
> be quite difficult to agree on the concepts of a game language.
> In fact, we are working on such a language (AORSL<>)
> and a supporting
> framework <>, based on the idea of defining
> games incrementally on top
> of a simulation model according to the following equation:
>     Game = Simulation + Animation + Motivation
> where
>     Animation = Visualization + Sonification + Interaction
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