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On Thu, 10 Nov 2011 05:20:39 +0100, Boaz Sender <> wrote:

> I've tried to synthesize everyone's suggestions in this charter:
> """
> The goal of the games community group is to improve the quality of open  
> web
> standards that game developers rely on to create games. This is done by:
>   * Tracking specifications and vendor implementations related to open  
> web
> games.
>   * Recommending new specifications to be produced and finding working
> group homes for them.
>   * Refining use cases to communicate specific needs of games.
>   * Evangelizing specifications to browser vendors.
>   * Documenting how to best use open web standards for games
>   * Evangelizing open web standards to game developers and game  
> development
> best practices to web developers
> The games community group will not develop any specifications, and thus,
> there will not be any Essential Claims under the W3C Contributor License
> Agreement or Final Specification Agreement.
> """
> Any last words before we publish it tomorrow?
> -Boaz

I support this charter. Like Charles said with regards to mobile and other  
platforms (in a way you guys should be familiar with by now) "Opera  

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