Re: [motion-1] On path syntax

After some discussion with Shane, we have a new proposal:

1. Drop fill-rule from path() and polygon().  This keeps all the shape
functions as just specifying the path geometry, so they're usable
everywhere without confusion.
2. In properties that need to know the shape's fill, just accompany
those functions with an optional fill-rule in the property grammar,
like "even-odd path(...)".  This allows just the specific instances
that require fill information to receive it.

This avoids all the confusing situations.  We don't have the potential
of useless fill-rules in motion-path, and we don't have confusing
conflicts between the path() specified fill-rule and the 'fill-rule'
specified one in <path> elements.  You still get to supply the
fill-rule in the situations where it's relevant, like shape-inside.

I think this should have minimal or zero compat impact?


Received on Tuesday, 16 February 2016 21:57:23 UTC