Re: [compositing-1] please move non-separable effects to Level 2

On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 10:15 PM, Robert O'Callahan <>wrote:

> On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 8:42 AM, Dean Jackson <> wrote:
>> As of WebKit supports mix-blend-mode
>> unprefixed.
>> We did this knowing that we will be unable to implement the non-separable
>> modes in the near future (hue, saturation, color and luminosity). We
>> suggest these be moved to Level 2 of the specification.
>> If they are not moved, we’ll probably put the prefix back on, because we
>> don’t want to ship a non-prefixed incorrect implementation.
> I don't see why this is necessary. If there are values you don't support,
> so be it ... that doesn't mean the entire property needs to be prefixed*.
> As soon as those values are present in a level 2 spec, in practice you'll
> be back to exactly the same situation you're in now.
> * Or better still, disabled. Prefixes hurt the Web. Can you point to an
> explanation of why Webkit prefers prefixes over the Gecko/Blink approach of
> user-accessible flags to enable/disable experimental features?

How do you feel about making the non-sep blend modes optional for now?
I can see Dean's view of wanting to support the whole spec so WebKit
doesn't get called out for only supporting a subset.

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