Re: Jan 10 2011 FXTF telcon cancelled

>> Regarding to feDropShadow. The current specification text is talking about the color of the shadow. Don't we need to define new color and opacity attribute? Similar  to feFlood it would be dropShadow-color and dropShadow-opacity.
> Maybe, another option is to use e.g fill and fill-opacity (or flood-color/flood-opacity) for this. I'm not really sure why there's a need to add new custom color properties that can only be used in one place.

Sorry for the confusion. I was more talking about the CSS property 'color', not the content. But I forgot that 'color' can really make a difference (e.g for color: black; flood-color: currentColor;)
'fill' would mean that feDropShadow can take a PaintServer (not only color, but also gradients and patterns) and I don't think that this would be very useful. 'flood-color' would be ok but I wouldn't use it, because the name associates that it belongs to feFlood. What about 'shadow-color'?

>> Also, I saw some discussions about the meaning of stdDeviation and blur radius. It would be great to harmonize all the definitions for CSS shadows, Canvas shadows and feDropShadow.
> Do you have a pointer to that discussion? I agree that it would be good to see if it's possible harmonize the definitions.

Alejandro Castro opened a bug report on W3C bugzilla:

and also take a look at: (comment 3 and 5)


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