Re: Jan 10 2011 FXTF telcon cancelled

> * SVG/CSS Filter spec (now moved to FXTF cvs-space)

I guess that the discussion about SVG Filters should be hear as well, or on the www-svg mailing list?

Regarding to feDropShadow. The current specification text is talking about the color of the shadow. Don't we need to define new color and opacity attribute? Similar  to feFlood it would be dropShadow-color and dropShadow-opacity. Is there maybe a way to combine both to just color and opacity for both effects? I believe that this would be easier for content creaters and currently we don't react on 'color' anyway in a filter primitive IIRC.
Also, I saw some discussions about the meaning of stdDeviation and blur radius. It would be great to harmonize all the definitions for CSS shadows, Canvas shadows and feDropShadow.


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