Re: [css3-ui] Comments on css3-ui 'pointer-events'

On 11/17/2010 02:54 PM, Tantek Çelik wrote:
>Erik Dahlstrom wrote:
>> * The definition of 'all' (and other pointer-event values) is unclear for
>> SVG content in particular.
>> [[ The element may be the target element for pointer events whenever the
>> pointer is over the contents, background, or border of the element (or in
>> SVG, over either the interior (i.e., fill) or the perimeter (i.e., stroke)
>> of the element). Outlines, shadows, and reflections are excluded. The value
>> of the ‘visibility’ property does not effect event processing. ]]
>> You can make outlines, shadows and reflections in many different ways in
>> svg,
> The context is *CSS* outlines, shadows and reflections. I'll add "CSS"
> to clarify that.

I would prefer if you referred instead to the "CSS border edge" of the
element, as that is well-defined and its definition accounts for outlines,
shadows, border-image, border-radius, and anything else you may have left
out of your exclusion list.


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