Re: 2D Transforms Update

On Oct 1, 2010, at 1:13 AM, Anthony Grasso wrote:

> Any feedback or pointers about things to fix would be greatly appreciated.

Here's some feedback i have:
* I think this "How to read" section needs to say whether this, or the CSS 2D transforms spec is the canonical reference for CSS Transforms. The role of the two specs is not really clear.
* "identity" cannot be used as a synonym for "none" in CSS: an identity transform will still create stacking context and affect positioned descendants.
* The link to unmatrix.c at  is a 404 now.
* The "recomposing the matrix" section references 3D transform functions that are not available in this draft.

I think the best option for the "matrix decomposition" section would be to describe the math like the "Coordinate system transformations" section does, and to restrict it to 2D-only for now. Someone more math-savvy than me will have to do it though!


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