2D Transforms Update


I've made updates to the CSS/SVG 2D Transforms specification [1].

Significant changes are:
 - Added new editors to editors list
 - Added basic transform examples
 - Changed 'transform' property value and intial from 'none' to 'identity' [http://www.w3.org/2010/03/11-fx-minutes.html]
 - Changed "element's box" to "element's bounding box" as suggested by Dr Hoffmann's
 - Removed 'skew' from Transforms List (I think this is what we agreed to do?)
 - Added Content Flow section to include wording as suggested by Dino's
 - Changed the occurrences of 'effect' and 'attribute' relating to a transform name to 'property'
 - Added "identity" transform function as suggested by Dino
 - Reworded the Transform Lists and Nested Transformations section
 - Added wording to make it clear that transforms accumulate over the language boundaries as suggested by Dino
 - Added code examples for Transform Lists and Nested Transformations section as suggested by Dino
 - Added the transform animation and matrix decomposition sections from the CSS specification as suggested by Dino but made minor tweeks.

What's left to do:
 - Add introduction. Any suggestions?
 - Address issues with transform-origin and make appropriate changes
 - IDL!

Any feedback or pointers about things to fix would be greatly appreciated.


[1] http://dev.w3.org/Graphics-FX/modules/2D-transforms/spec/2DTransforms.html
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