Re: 2D Transforms Update

2010/10/2 Dr. Olaf Hoffmann <>:
> fantasai:
>> On 10/01/2010 10:34 AM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
>> > You need to be looking at the current working draft, located at
>> >  I apologize for the fact that
>> > WDs are hard to find.>_<
> Seems to be the samt text or the same source I quoted from ;o)
> From
> I come to
> this is currently from 2006-09-19 with the text I already quoted
> and what is referenced in the draft text (in the references there
> is a link to CSS2.1).
> is from 2010-08-27
> currently, but seems to contain the same text about <angle> -
> 'used with aural cascading style sheets' and
> 'normalized to the range 0-360deg'

Oh, huh.  You're right.  It does still have the language about aural
sheets.  Well, that's clearly wrong, as angles are now used in
Transitions, gradients, and several other properties.

As I said, the "normalized to 0-360deg" was discussed, and will be
removed.  It just hasn't happened yet.

> If someone really starts to implement transformations without
> further questions to the CSS-WG, this will cause a funny
> implementation (what is not a big problem theoretically,
> because all these are only drafts - on the other hand try to
> discuss changes of draft issues, that are already widely implemented
> and you get a lot of surprising answers about the motivation to change
> the programs again - and if implementors implement something different
> than mentioned in the draft/recommendation, well there is even more
> trouble around as we can see with HTML4/5 and a few CSS2.0/2.1 features).

Well, we've already got implementations of transformations.  Luckily,
they do the right thing with angles (they don't normalize).  We also
have an implementation of gradients which uses angles properly.  We
just need to get the draft updated appropriately.


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