Re: Coordinate spaces in SVG and CSS

On 03/26/2010 06:49 PM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> I've committed a first draft of the View Boxes section to the dev copy
> of CSS3 Images.  This needs some revision, and I think it may be a
> good idea to expand this into a more complete description of how
> background images are handled in CSS.
> Any feedback is appreciated, particularly if what I have specified is
> somehow inaccurate.  I'd also like to know just what CSS's behavior is
> for an image with an intrinsic width but not an intrinsic height (or
> vice versa).

So... Step 2 in your algorithm is completely wrong. Intrinsic sizes
do not win against specified sizes. The rules for resolving the size
of a CSS view box are not simple, and do not belong in this spec.
(I suggest hanging out in CSS2.1 Chapter 10 for a bit, and then
reading up on image-fit and image-position if you don't believe me.)

Also, seam carving is a method of scaling images that doesn't scale
them evenly; it's not about clipping content.

I like how you define the terms and then list the negotiation steps,
but yes, it needs some revision. Mainly clipping, I think. :) And
some terminology changes, because Java applets are not images but
they follow the same rules.


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