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> I've committed a first draft of the View Boxes section to the dev copy
> of CSS3 Images.  This needs some revision, and I think it may be a
> good idea to expand this into a more complete description of how
> background images are handled in CSS.
> Any feedback is appreciated, particularly if what I have specified is
> somehow inaccurate.  I'd also like to know just what CSS's behavior is
> for an image with an intrinsic width but not an intrinsic height (or
> vice versa).

For reference, this is the section:

I'd like to see a couple of examples there, and a visual representation of  
how the different boxes relate to each other.

[[ The general treatment of images in CSS is as follows: ]]
That sounds more like informative wording, is the steps that follow meant  
to be normative/testable?

[[ CSS does not define how image formats may react to a CSS View Box that  
is a different size than the Image View Box, but commonly the image will  
scale itself to fit the new dimensions, perhaps scaling both dimensions  
independently, scaling both dimensions together so that it exactly touches  
the sides of the view box without going outside of them, seam carving to  
remove content that does not fit within the dimensions, or any other  
method. ]]
Should there be a possibility for other specs to normatively define how an  
"Image View Box" is fitted into the "CSS View Box"?


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