Re: Transitions of CSS images, including transitions of gradients.

Funny, I was wondering about alternatives too!

I'm trying to work out in my mind these different visual effects:

Assume we have two gradients, with the same number of stops in the same positions.

a) Interpolate the colors at each stop, and then generate a gradient based on the interpolated colors.

b) generate the two gradients, and cross-fade them

c) generate the two gradients, and then define an image transition effect 'color-interpolate' where each pixel is interpolated between its starting and ending colors

On Apr 19, 2010, at 11:56 , L. David Baron wrote:

> Let's call your proposal (which is what used to be in the
> transitions spec) (1).
> I can think of two ways to animate gradients that would work more
> generally:
> (2) Cross-fade the colors along the gradient line (i.e., in %-age
> space), and simultaneously animate the position of the gradient
> line. (this works between gradients and solid colors, but not
> gradients and images)
> (3) pure cross-fade (which even works between gradients and images)
> It would be interesting to see if there are important use cases that
> can be handled by (1) or (2) that don't work with (3).  (One that's
> been mentioned is widening or narrowing a gradient.  Is this
> important?)

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