Re: Topic to add to agenda for next call


The clarifications I need are whether Steven is going to make the
changes to the spec to add the new namespace for XForms functions and
whether my understanding is correct. From:

Steven had:

    ACTION-2036 - Repy to email on namespaces in xforms 2.0

which he did do:

But we also need to make the changes to the spec. I took note that tentatively:

- ``
    - contains all XForms-defined functions + standard XPath functions
    - is the default namespace for XPath functions
    - standard XForms functions always "win" over older XForms
functions with same name
- ``
    - only contains XForms-defined functions and NOT standard XPath functions
    - using the `xf:` prefix allows reaching for older XPath functions

Further, in backwards-compatibility mode, we could change the logic so
that in the `` namespace, the
old XForms 1.1 functions win over the newer XPath 2 functions.

To confirm/discuss.


On Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 9:26 PM, Erik Bruchez <> wrote:
> All,
> I need a clarification for "ACTION-2026: Add seconds-from-epoch
> function" and the  addition of the
> `` namespace for functions. To
> discuss during next call.
> -Erik

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