Re: Correct namespace of XPath Functions?

Hello Adam,

Thanks for your mail.

The working group discussed this today, and are a bit worried how you got  
this impression, and want to improve the text if we can so that this  
misunderstanding won't arise again.

In any case, the answer is no, you do not need to change the namespace  
prefix when migrating to XForms 2.0. The XForms and XPath functions will  
all be available without a prefix, in the default namespace.

There is only one caveat: XPath 2.0 adopted a few functions that were in  
XForms 1.1, and not in XPath 1.0. These are usually identical, but  
occasionally with a difference in edge cases. XForms 2.0 uses the new  
XPath 2 functions by default, but in the odd case where you want the old  
semantics, you will explicitly have to use the xf: prefix to get it.

Here is an example:

I believe that the functions that have migrated in this way are:
adjust-dateTime-to-timezone, avg, compare, id, max, min,  

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Steven Pemberton
For the XForms Group

On Tue, 13 Oct 2015 18:15:07 +0200, Adam Retter <> wrote:

> Just a quick question for clarification on the namespaces of XPath
> functions in various versions of XForms.
> In the XForms 1.1 spec it states "The XForms Function Library includes
> the entire [XPath 1.0] Core Function Library, including operations on
> node-sets, strings, numbers, and booleans." and in the XForms 2.0 spec
> it states "XForms 2.0 adds support for defining custom functions,
> variables, a pluggable expression language with extra functions (XPath
> 2.0)".
> In XForms 1.1, are the XPath 1.0 functions considered to be in the
> XForms 1.1 namespace, i.e. ?
> ... and in XForms 2.0 are the XPath 2.0 functions considered to be in
> their own native namespace i.e.
> ?
> If so am I correct in thinking that would mean that to migrate an
> XForm from 1.1 to 2.0, I would need to change the namespace prefix of
> functions like `count`?
> Cheers Adam.

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