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Sorry for the late reply. I might be wrong but The spec notes in [1] that variables are not supported directly under de model element only in actions.

So you have two cases:
* variable is in an action: It acts as it is reevaluated when the action is executed
* variable outside and action and outside the model: Like other UI bindings the variable act as if it is calculated on every refresh

So I’m not sure that something extra needs to be specified. We didn’t allow the var-element directly under the model element (for now) to side-step the dependency issue (for now).

Nick Van den Bleeken


Date: Monday 5 January 2015 21:21
To: Public Forms, "<>"
Subject: Review of XForms 2.0
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Because I have just added var support in XSLTForms, I had to consider how the dependencies mechanism is concerned. As an easy programming approach, I have chosen to simply copy var dependencies during expression evaluation.

The XForms 2.0 Specifications are defining dependencies at 4.2 as in XForms 1.1 and I think that something should be added about var, don't you?



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