Agenda 2014-12-03

      Chair: Steven
      Regrets: Nick
      Start Time: 11:00am Eastern US (15:00Z)
      Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200, conference 93676 ("XFORM")
      Duration: 60 minutes

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Topic: Net week's call (regrets from Steven, see next Topic)

Topic: ODF Plugfest
(I will be chairing, and talking about XForms)

Topic: ACTION-1986 - Investigate dealing with excess namespace nodes in  
section 3.2 the instance element

Topic: Review section 9

Topic: Backwards compatibility

Topic: ACTION-1983 - what we should do in cases where we have changed  
bind-exception to bind-error [on Nick Van Den Bleeken

Topic: includenamespaceprefixes

Topic: xf:email

Topic: instance @src and @resource

Topic: ACTION-1979 - Send mail listing options for the bind to multiple  
types problem

Topic: Review of Section 7

Topic: AB/2014-2015 Priorities; Failure to learn from?

Topic: Feedback on the caseref feature

If we have time:

Topic: Review of Section 4-6

Topic: Review of Section 1-3

Topic: Multipart submissions

Topic: Progress, and Generating Spec from the wiki


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