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Re: ACTION: Steven to implement @label spec text

From: Erik Bruchez <erik@bruchez.org>
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2014 22:47:47 -0700
Message-ID: <CAAc0PEUcyzqLa1BgChCdnEKuT0JJ51ubeK0JyKUpLzo=4Cc0jQ@mail.gmail.com>
To: Steven Pemberton <Steven.Pemberton@cwi.nl>
Cc: Forms WG <public-forms@w3.org>
> 2. Specify that an element may have both, but the attribute takes precedence
> (or do we forbid both, and require one or the other?). Of the core controls,
> only on <output> is the label optional. The label attribute may also be an
> AVT.

All of @label, @help, @hint, and @alert are AVTs, right?

> 3. group, dialog, choices, item, itemset only have <label> (no help hint and
> alert)

(Different topic, but it can make sense to have hint/help on
item/itemset, especially for the full appearance.)

> @value @copy: these are both expressions. Note, that means @label is an AVT,
> and @value is not. Check that you agree with the following examples:

> <select model="cone" ref="my:order" label="Flavors">
>   <itemset model="flavors" ref="my:flavor" label="{my:description}"
> copy="my:description"/>
> </select>

That seems reasonable.

> <select1 ref="..." label="Gender">
>    <item label="male">m</item>
>    <item label="female">f</item>
> </select>

We had suggested supporting this at some point. It wasn't too keen on
it initially as that was the opposite of HTML's <option>, but the
benefit is that the syntax is lighter than adding a nested <value>

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