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ACTION: Steven to implement @label spec text

From: Steven Pemberton <Steven.Pemberton@cwi.nl>
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2014 16:50:15 +0200
To: "Forms WG" <public-forms@w3.org>
Message-ID: <op.xdo151i7smjzpq@steven-ux21a>
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So what I am doing is:

1. Add @label, @help, @hint, @alert to the attribute set UICommon

2. Specify that an element may have both, but the attribute takes  
precedence (or do we forbid both, and require one or the other?). Of the  
core controls, only on <output> is the label optional. The label attribute  
may also be an AVT.

	<input ref="..." label="Age"/>
	<secret ref="..." label="Password"/>
	<textarea ref="..." label="Message"/>
	<output ref="..." label="Result"/>
	<upload ref="..." label="File"/>
	<range ref="..." label="Volume"/>
	<trigger ref="..." label="Go"/>
	<submit ref="..." label="Search"/>

	<input ref="..." label="{msg/age}"/>

3. group, dialog, choices, item, itemset only have <label> (no help hint  
and alert)

4. Case has an optional label

5. switch and repeat have none of them.

=== Other attributes ===

@value @copy: these are both expressions. Note, that means @label is an  
AVT, and @value is not. Check that you agree with the following examples:

<select model="cone" ref="my:order">
   <itemset model="flavors" ref="my:flavor">
     <label ref="my:description"/>
     <copy ref="my:description"/>


<select model="cone" ref="my:order" label="Flavors">
   <itemset model="flavors" ref="my:flavor" label="{my:description}"  

<select1 ref="..." label="Gender">
    <item label="male"><value>m</value></item>
    <item label="female"><value>f</value></item>


<select1 ref="..." label="Gender">
    <item label="male" value="'m'"/>
    <item label="female" value="'f'"/>

<select1 ref="..." label="Gender">
    <item label="{msg/male}" value="val/male"/>
    <item label="{msg/female}" value="val/female"/>

Note that the following are not allowed:

<select1 ref="..." label="Gender">
    <value label="male">m</value>
    <value label="female">f</value>

<select1 ref="..." label="Gender">
    <item label="male">m</item>
    <item label="female">f</item>

<select1 ref="..." label="Gender">

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