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Can everybody give his preference (or explicitly state that they don't have a precedence) about the proposed option by Erik (or propose others) by e-mail. We need to come to an agreement on this, and it is hard to get everybody on the call due to holidays.

I can also live with option 2 and 3. And have a little preference towards option 3.


On 02 Jul 2013, at 23:22, Erik Bruchez <> wrote:

> All,
> During the last call, we discussed the issue of dialog events. See
> also my original message. [1]
> Here is the issue:
> 1. I had initially proposed *notification events*.
> 2. The current spec text proposes *action events* (events dispatched
> by the show and hide actions).
> The question is: do we need both pairs of events, or one only?
> The main use case for notification events is dialog
> initialization/clean-up. Ideally, event handlers for these can be
> placed within the dialog itself, to make the code clearer. This means
> that they must run when the implicit group within the dialog is
> relevant. So the best time to dispatch them is just after the dialog
> group is made relevant, and just before the dialog group is made
> non-relevant, respectively. Names suggested:
> xforms-dialog-shown/xform-dialog-hidden.
> The use case for action events is a bit less clear, but we have some
> of those in XForms. They are typically cancelable. If they are
> cancelable, they cannot be used as notification events, because you
> don't want to, say, save information edited in the dialog if the
> dialog is not actually closing. Names suggested:
> xforms-dialog-show/xforms-dialog-hide.
> So there are the following solutions I think:
> 1. Make action events not cancelable, but that's not consistent with
> other events.
> 2. Only define notification events, and have the show/hide actions
> immediately show/hide the dialog.
> 3. Define the two pairs of events.
> I don't like #1 much, but I could live with #2 or #3. #3 is the most
> general solution. The drawback is a bit more spec text and the
> potential to mix-up the two events.
> Feedback requested.
> -Erik
> [1]


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