ACTION-1933 - Suggest spec text for MIP functions


In response to this action item, I have written the spec text for the
relevant() function:



Since the text fo the required() and readonly() functions should be
very similar, I wanted to solicit feedback on relevant() first.

I have also updated the text of the valid() function to deal with
XPath items in general:

I have the following open questions:

1. What should the default return values be when there are no selected items?

Currently: valid() says true(), relevant() says false(). What makes
sense? Or could we return an empty sequence in that case?

2. valid() and attributes

<price type="bar">10.42</price>
<bind ref="price" type="xs:decimal"/>
<bind ref="price/@type" constraint=". = 'a' or . = 'b'"/>

=> valid(price) returns false()

Are we happy with that? Should we allow another option to validate a
node without recursion? We have that in our implementation.

Feedback welcome,


Received on Tuesday, 2 July 2013 22:30:10 UTC